Atlanta and North Georgia’s Chimney Sweep

Complete Chimney Care Since 1979

Fireplaces are often the heart of our homes. Their maintenance and repair are critical to keeping families safe as fires are lit and even when they go unlit for an extended period of time. Creosote and cracks can develop over the years.  Founded by a retired firefighter, The Chimney Smith provides the necessary services to keep fires burning safely.

From routine chimney sweeping to more significant repair work, our experts can help.

Chimney Supplies

Protect you home from water and small animals that sometimes find their way into chimneys. Learn More»

Repair and Restoration

When chimneys start to tilt or they have been damaged in any way, timely repair saves you money. Learn More»

Chimney Maintenance

Before you light the fire and roast some marshmallows, make sure your chimney is clean and safe. Learn More»
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